The real travel exeperice were about to come after Toyko and Taipei. Why? Because the next destination was Borneo island! An exotic island with amazing nature, tropical weather and basically everything unlike the rest of the world!

Borneo island is the third biggest island on our planet and 3 states are located there - Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.

To be honest, I was a bit afraid. I can´t specify it. But I just didnt know what to expect there. I read and heard about Borneo only from geography classes or from TV. I had no idea about culture, people, weather, habbits, religion, safety....But at the same time I was so excited that I am going on Borneo, so far, so exotic place that I only heard of! I flew firstly to Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia),where I stayed 7 days, then I continued by ferry to Brunei to stay there for 2 days.Staying on Borneo was something extraordinary. Later on I was told that it was very good idea to visit Kota Kinabalu and Sabah region, because that what real Malaysia is! I had big luck again, though. I had a super cool couchsurfer in Kota Kinabalu! He showed me hidden places, told me about religion stuff, introduced me to the local families, traveled around with me....And thanks to him I randomly met guy from Brunei, who actually offered me to stay in his house in Brunei!! Isn´t it jackpot?!So I will not bother you and will let you enjoy beautful scenarious from Borneo on these separate pages

Kota Kinabalu - Malaysia

Brunei Darussalam - Sultanate of Brunei 

Small tasting....