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My name is Jan Fiala and I´ve been spending quite lot of time abroad. Reason is either studying or travelling. When I find myself in the Czech Republic, I am a student of the last year of Business and Economics faculty at Mendel University in Brno, specialization in marketing. 


As for studying abroad, I spent half a year at Girona University in Spain during my Bachelor studies under the Erasmus program. Since than I fell in love with international and multiculture environment, gaining new approaches, being self-dependent, I started to travel, be positive.

My second study stay abroad is indeed connected with using oppotunities. As I was studying At the beginning of my Master studies I decided to take advantage of bilaretal agreement between universities. So I spent one of the best half a year of my life in Chuncheon, South Korea.


Regarding travelling, as I mentioned, I´ve been to 31 countries. Travelling along with exploring new places, cultures, meeting people, overcoming challenges and pure happiness has become something like style of my life. Studying twice abroad helped me contribute to my list of visited places a lot! The most challenging as well as incredibly awesome and the best time of my life was travelling across 7 Asian countries for 30 days, alone, with 7kg backpack. Truly unbelievable, what I saw and where I´ve been.

But the best trip EVER was Saipan. An island in the Pacific ocean with amazing empty beaches, tropical weather and vegetation, war history.....just Heaven on Earth!

During summmer 2016 I did an internship and worked for worldwide german concern, Henkel, in its Headquearters in Düsseldorf, Germany. I worked at International Marketing Department and so far I has been the best work experience!
Since 2014 till today I´ve been a researcher at my faculty. My field is marketing research  and exploring consumer behaviour and our department has been using technology of eye-tracking for this purposes. During my activity I´ve conducted three marketing researches and presented my results at international conferences. Some of my contributions have also been published in scientific journals and compilations.
As I mentioned my interest in multicultuere enviroment, I become interested in European union projects organised in order to raise an awereness about ongoing issues in Europe as well as try to come up with ideas for solution. So fair I took part in two of those projects. On in Iasi, Romania focused on youth unemployment and the second in Stockholm, Sweden dealing with social entrepreneurship. But the best project regarding the topic. people and enviroment was held in Portugal. It´s really nice to get to know young ambitious people from all around the Europe eager to discuss and try to solve various issues.

As I mentioned, I like to use opportunities that are offered to me. You never know, what can be useful for you in your future career. So I am trying to do various things (both professional and leisure) to see what I like and dislike until I shape my field of interest. For example I took part in international projects held by European Union (in Romania, Sweden and Portugal ), worked for NGO for 2 years, been conducting marketing research, had interships etc., worked for marketing agency, took part in national competitions and workshops etc.