It was mid-Novemer and thus, already quite cold in the Czech Republic. So we (me and my 3 friends) have decided to explore another place, of course, a place with higher temperatures than in our country at that time. We had a few countries to choose from, but Thessaloniki in Greece was a quick winner as the temperature was still around 20 degrees, and that suited our limits :D Just imagine walking down the streets with short-sleeve, eating gyros......And, worth mentioning, we were already slowly forgetting the smell of the sea!
Long story short - the choice was made within 15 minutes while drinking a beer in the evening!

Flights were booked, backpacks filled with few pieces of clothes and sunglasses, ready to go!

We were staying in one very cosy and quite big apertment in the city center (via airbnb). Cool loft to be honest with a big bathoroom, many rooms, vast terrace and huge living room!

View from our terrace


Thessaloniki is actually a good place to visit when you have 2-3 days off. So no need to hurry and you´ve got time to chill near the sea while eating a tasty kebab!
The most important sightseeings are quite close together. So there is no point in using a public transportation. Worth mentioning that walking on foot is indeed the best way to explore the city, its narrow streets, local life and non-touristic places. Weather was just perfect, 22 degrees on 16th Novermber!! So the Thessaloniki discovering could begin! I won´t bother you with explaining, what we´ve seen and where we´ve gone every hour. I will just point out, that Thessaloniki is really nice,  historical and cosy city with its mediterranean atmosphere and life-style. Of course, we´ve seen also dirty streets, poor people asking for money. But honestly, where in the world of nowadays can not be observed that? Anyway, you cant see people in hurry to get a bus to thier work, you cant see stressful people. All you perceive are relaxed citizens enjoying the sun, sitting on a bench and reading a book. Yeah, sure, you can point out, that the economic side of Greece is not the best one in Europe, but I guess the people of Greece are at least happier than the people in the wealthier economies. Nevertheless, let´s put this thoughts aside and focus on the sighteesings and moments we´ve had!

I forgot to say that there was also one more reason why I was looking forward to going to Thessaloniki. I took part in one European youth project in Sweden held by European Union 2 years ago and I´ve met there couple of young people from Greece. Guess where they were from? Yes, Thessaloniki! So I had an unique opportunity to have a re-union with them! Specifically I´ve met three girls. Two of them were even so kind to give me a tour around the city. I am pretty sure you can recall the great feeling when you had met some cool poeple and you surely want to meet them again. But you simply dont know when in the future, because of the work, money, lack of time and other adult "issues". But then, after some years, you plan a spontaneous trip with your guys and suddenly something crosses your mind: "Oh my God, I can meet them again!!!" I felt exactly like that! That enthusiasm and joy of seeing them again can not be discribed by words....It was just so great feeling and it seemed like two months ago when we met in Sweden!
We went on a White tower, were walking down the promenade near the sea, talking about the things we´ve done since the project, the plans we have....

Aristotelous square 

Spread the LOVE! :D

You might be asking, why I haven´t mentioned anything about the food so far! Because the food deserves its own paragraph :D The main dish and also the most traditional one in Greece is gyros.
I remember talking about gyros with guys all the way there and we could not wait to finally hold it in our hands. Right after finding our aparatment and unpack our stuff, we were heading to look for some local gyros-restaurant! And, thanks to web-recommendation, we found really great one! The portions were big enough, for reasonable prices and sooo delicous! Just enjoy the photos and try to imagine the taste :D 

The other day we decided to see the city from above. There was nothing easier that climbing up a hill with an amazing view! We saw olive and lemon trees on the way up. That warm weather was now our enemy as the hill was steep and were were still not fully recovered from the party last night. On the other hand, that way was the best cure and energizer for us...Thump up for a tourist trick. There was a direction sign (singpost) to indicate the direction. Nothing special so far, right? But those in Thessaloniki had a number of calories you are going to burn by chosing the specific way (see bellow)!

As soon as we reached the peak, we found out that Thessaloniki is actually not that small city! It´s vast. The thing is that you, as a tourist, will not and will not want to go from one corner to another just to see and to be sure how vast the city is, right?

Anyway, at the first glance one is able to see the specific architecture of the city. Specific for the Mediterranean area. And I like that to be honest. It´s different from the Western world.

Thessaloniki view point
How many calories you´re gonna burn...


Deep conversation at around 3am