TOKYO, Japan

Toyko was my first destination of my 30-day-trip across SE Asia, so I was in shape and excited. I knew that Toyko along with Taipei is the safest places of my journey. Of course, all the places I was going to visit were not dangerous, but still you know. Tokyo can not be compared with Brunei or Jakarta in terms of safety. Anyhow, I was looking forward very much as Tokyo was my dream from my childhood, it was so far and so different....And I was finally there!
I had high expectations from Tokyo as I heard many positive things about people, culture and environment in general.  I could feel it already in the airplane. Flight attendats were super nice and kind, smiling, helpful. The same was in Toyko airport. It took me some time to find my terminal and train station as I had to find Shibuya station. The first nice impression came very soon. I bought the wrong ticket, so I could not get through. I was immidiately approached by lady-helper who checked my ticket, went with me to the cashier, REFUNDED my ticket and helped me to buy a new ticket and stear me into the right direction. I was amazed!

The train from the main station to city center was modern and fast, expensive though. I paid 3.170 JPY. I met my couchsurfer at Shibuya station. Super cool guy with very nice flat. He was so nice that he lent me his portable Wi-Fi, so I was never lost in Tokyo. He took my on my very first dinner to a typical bar/restaurant. I tried a beer from Okinawa and got even liquir made of snake.

I struggled a bit with underground system. Not suprised, though, as there are almost 20 lines and able to trasport milions of Japanese every day. But everything was very clear and there were always some station-worker who were ready to help me at any time. That was really nice and convenient for me My first destanations was "Roppongi hills". Modern part of Tokyo with gallery, skyscrappers, a good place to have a rest and observe Japanese daily routine. It was business center as well, so everybody was in a hurry. Then I decided to go on foot (5km there and 5km back) to Imperial palace. Great green place with histrocal and japanese typical buildings.

Roppongi hills

Roppongi hills

Imperial palace

 I headed to Toyko tower after Imperial palace. One of the highest Toyko tower looked like Eiffel tower. I didnt go up, cause it wasnt that high. Actaully I didnt know where to go next as I though the palace and Roppong take me more time. But I saw some high fence with typical buddhist temple not far from Tokyo tower, so I went there. And it was really good desicion. It was not only a calm place with beautiful japanese houses, but I met very nice, kind  and pretty girl from Germany. She just started her internship in Tokoy recently and was discovering the city in her free time. She was communicative, nice, not shy at all. We were talking near the temple and found common ground. So we started to discover Toyko together as we both had time. We aimed to reach one park, but we failed to find it. Well, we found it, but it was already closed. However, we discoverd some nice places on our way and  we had much fun.

Sun was coming down, still raining a bit. We bought some snack and were looking for a place to eat and to have a rest. We did not come up with a crazier idea than entering one of the skyscraper and ate in the lobby :D....Yes, the stuff was quite surprised and we didnt look like business colleagues, but who cared...

Having snack in the lobby of  skyscraper
Later on we decided to enjoy city center in the dark. There wasnt a better place for it than Shibuya. Just amazing to see bilions of lights, busy, lively and nosiy strees with thoussands of people. We planned to meet again the next day.

My plan was to get up earlier and go up the TGM building (Tokyo Governmental building). Two very high building, where was a free entrence to the top! It was really cool, because I could save money for some other tower entrence. I could not believe my eyes  when I saw Toyko from above!! Ocean of buildings....buildings everywehere as far as your eyes are just able to see. Astonishing, simply breathtaking...Even Seoul was not like that...Just look....One just cant believe, how is it even possible. Tokyo is second biggest city by population...But still, everything worked there, people were in order, places were clean, signed....Just look at those pics. I cant imagine the infrastructure, means of transport, safety etc...Truly amazing...I spent like 2 hours on the top, bought some postcards then.

The next "must-to-see" was part Asakusa. Omg, such a beufiruful place! Firstly, there was a big street market will all those traditional japanese things you can just imagine. There wwere tents with food, clothes, handicraft, souvenirs. There was one main street and then many crossing and paralel street. Took me like an hour to walk through this market as there were thousands of locals and tourists. What made all those places special was traditional Japanese decoration along street, even along every single tent was some special adornments, that made their tent different to the othes. Actually, prices were not that high as I would expect for this kind of place in city center. Nevertheless I did not taste anything, becuase it was so scorching weather that I did not have taste.

Vstup do Asakusy

Street market led to beautiful temple. Calm, nice place to have a rest and see japanese culture and historical houses with all their signs, ornaments, traditions...I surrounded all houses, sat on stairs near by temple and observed the houses with its decoration and ornaments, held on conversation with some tourists. Later on I plannes to go near the highest tower in Tokyo - "Toyko tree". Did not need map as the tower was visible far to the distance. I was walking on foot as I wanted to discover everyday street with local people, shops, cars etc. Well, as you know, Tokoy is not a small city and I didnt measure my way to the Tokyo tree properly. What might be seen as a short distance on map is actually numerous kilometres in reality. Nevertheless I reached the Toyko tree and saw the architectural masterpiece.

Later on I went home to take a rest and take a shower, because I had meeting with a german gilr who I met yesterday. She brought her colleague too and we all went to TGM (those high buildings with free entrance on top) as we wanted to see Tokyo in the dark. However, it was close this time for some unknown reason. Was pretty disappointed. So I had to save some money and time to go on the top of some other high building the next (last) day. We went then to the most famous and busiest part of Toyko - Shinjuku! Breathtaking atmospehere! Bilions and bilions of light bulbs, japenese music in background, thousands of people, rush, chaos, noises, variety of scents....Wow! Wasnt able to perceive so many perceptios at one time. I fell in love in walking donw those streets, just observe all the beautu with an open mounth. 

Of course we were hungry affter this walking. I think that watching street food played a certain role too :D So we wanted to taste many japanese dishes. I was looking forward the most to their typical alcohol - Sake. We were trying to find some fancy but affordable restaurant for quite long time. But eventually we found really cool place! We ordered three different meals, beer, vegetable and, of course, sake! The place was quite busy, although it was around 9pm. Japanese work culture is strict, they´re working till late evening, no exception to work 10-12 hours a day.
The food was just great! We tasted chicken, horse meat and beaf, egg, lot of vegetable...

Konečně, saké!
Afterwards we continued with exploring the center of Shinjuku. This time we were walking down small street, typical, narrow ones. Suddenly, we came across tiny pub/restaurant, We looked at each other and asked ourselves, if we wanna try. The pub wasnt awarded by Micheline star though, but indeed it was super local and typical. So we just entered! Guys, it was simply amazing, so local. People were staring at us as we were obviously the only "different" guests. But they treat us so nicely! We ordered some kind of their barbeque (pork and chicken meat on sticks) and beers. Briliant!  With our full stomachs we ended our evening and slowly went to undeground, said Good bye to each other as it was the last time together.
However, I missed my direct train, so my way back home got complicated a bit :D Eeventually I found the right connection and went home by fully-packed train - nice experience too being pushed to behind door by officer :D

That pub 

It tasted great!

I slept till 11am and then I went to my favourite place - Shibuya. There is the busiest crossing in the world. At one time, thousands of people are crossing this place, sending people to all directions. Also worth mentioning, that Shibuya station (next to Shibuya crossing) is one of the biggest station in the world - it transports 2,4 mil passenger every weekday. 
I had lunch there and went to Roppongi hills again. I waited for the dark so I could go up the Mori tower (also very high building). Seeing Tokyo in the dark from above was my last item on my "to-do" list.

There was a Marvel exhibition

Everyday routine in underground

I could not wish any better start of my Asia trip. Tokyo confirmed my expectations of high standard, nice, helpful and obliging people. Although it´s so huge city, everything works, everything is clean and in order. I hope I will ever have chance to come back and explore more of Japan.
Next destination was Taipei, Taiwan.