Almost 10 days on Borneo were gone and I headed to the mainland again! My next stop was the capital city of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur (KL). Quite satisfied and calm that time, because if something had happened on Borneo, I guess I would have gotten better treatment and care in KL. Anyway, I was soo happy I could visit sultanate of Brunei and spent one week in real Malaysia - Sabah and its capital - Kota Kinabalu.
I was full of expectation, what KL will be like as I heard just good things, and many Malaysian friends who I met in Korea were from KL indeed.
Petronas Twin towers in KL


My couchsurfer picked me up at the train station. He was just an amazing guy, very kind and helpful. His name was Raizan, around 35-40 y.o. and has been doing couchsurfing for a long time. He hosted one more guy that time, so we had always company for the evenings. We went to see two touristic atraction right from the train station. The first was a view on KL from distance and the second was very unique place not far from KLCC (Kuala Lumpur city centre). It was natural small thermal/hot spring. The temperature of the water inside the like is always the same regardless the season. I love hot water, but I was so weak and powerless after 15 minutes of laying there. Probably also beacause of long flight, no sleep a bit of stress, too..

You can see the Twin Towers
Raizan (white T-shirt) and his crew

Hot spring

DAY 2 

I was alone all day as Raizan was working everdy from early morning till 7pm. So we left his apartment together, he dropped me off in KLCC and met again in the evening. I planned to visit the most visitng places in KL. I visited Batu caves in the morning. What an amating place, and so crowded! But I noticed soemthing more. I have never seen a place with so many nationalities, so many kinds of human races, so many different religions. I dont mean European or Asians, but I could see people dressed and looking kinda weird as never before in my life. Some of them looked like Indians, Bedouins, half-naked, with some artefacts, interesting headwear, people of all kinds of skin color, interestingly-looking clothes....It was really strange for me, but very interesting at the same time! Besides that, the caves are unique place. I did not read those tables with a description and notes about historical and religious background. I spent there cca 2 hours, took many pics and videos. 
Right after I headed to CC (Batu caves are located in behind the city) to walk down the main streets and maybe to buy something at street markets as they are pretty huge in Kuala Lumpur. Since then I was walking on foot because I wanted to explore the city and catch the atmophere. My next goal was on of the biggest sightseeing in KL - Petronas Twin Towers, which used to be the highest buldings in the world!! But before that I experienced something unusual, something I would better avoid...there was a natural park (djungle) with rope ladders above the ground. I felt there like in real rain forest, djungle or something similar. But not like in the center of capital city at all. Level of air humudity around 80-90%. I wanted to explore as much of this place as possible, but I overestimated my power. Before I will tell you what happened, I want to mention that the place was beautiful, full of fresh vegeatation, only green plants and flowers, typical tropical bush, nicely decorated spots for tourist, rope ladders, I almost forgot I´m in big city. So, everything was ok at first. But the deeper I was getting inside the park, the less energy I had and the worse I felt. Although I was sweating a lot, I did not have taste for water at all. I was exhausted, had to watsched out the branches, lianas, roots and slippery stairs. I was wet like if I just got out from swimming pool. Nevertheless, it was not the worst so far....It got worse right away, because I got bitten by an insect (twice by mosquitoes). I started to panic as I remembered the list of places afflicted by malaria and Malaysia was one of those places. Asn I was not vaccinated....So, although it was around 33 degrees, I did not give a sh*t and took on my long pants and a jacket in order to cover my body all over. No skin visible! Since then I was sweating lten times more, I could literally feel the sweat drops flowing down my stomach, legs, simply all over my body....I was in the "djungle" around 2 hours and lost around 2 litres :D But I saw an amazing vegetation and the life inside the "rain forest"...
I found the exit and some bench as I had to take a long brake to reload my energy and power. I drunk a lot of water, ate some sweets and was just sitting for a while....Actually there was the highest building of KL next to this park, but I did not want to pay for the entrance on the top. Why? Because I could see KL from the hill during my first hours with Raizan. Then I headed to my main aim of the day - Petronas Twin Towers. It wasnt hard to find them as they are pretty high building and in the CC. It took me only around 15 minuts to get from the park to Twin Towers....Not only these buidlings are modern, but pretty vast surroundings around the towers was super modern  - luxury hotels, business buildings, fountains, luxury brands houses etc....If you think it´s only towers and nothing more, you are wrong..It might be seen as only towers, but it´s big complex that consists of two main towers, huge shopping mall inside, along with cinema, offices, hotel....Maybe it´s not visible from general pictures, but Twin Towers are giant buildings! They dont seem to be that big from the postcards or from distance, but when you are staying right next to them, you feel so small, you are completely amazed by this modern buildings, that used to be the highest ones in the world. There is one vast lake with many fountains behind the complex, big park, many benches, cafeterias, shops....Really nice and spacious area. So I appreciated this place for taking a long rest. I was chilling, looking around, walking through the park, sitting near the lake, taking pics and videos from every angle. But I will tell you one thing. That whole area inlcuding towers, lake, park, shops, fountains did not give me a natural impression. The whole place arose and came alive due to money from oil, it was kinda artificial for me. Petronas is Malaysian oil and gas company and is ranked among the largest  corporations. Anyway, Twin Towers amazed me and I fell in love with these skyscrapers.

Batu caves

Hey, budyy


Day 3 was "wet day" and very unique. Raizan took a car and drove us behind the city, to the forest. He just said he´s gonna show me waterfalls and that I should take swimsuit. But what came after took my breath. If somebody says Malaysia now, besides KL I will remind that day!
The place was around 1 hour far from KL, in the middle of  nowhere. We left the car on parking spot and went up some stairs. I could barely hear or see the waterfall. It was hidden behind the valley. But after few slippery stairs, hundreds of lianas and level of humudity at 90% we reached the waterfalls. It was indented and not united one as we know (Niagara, Iguacu). Therefore it was pretty high and long. There were two best things becuase of this waterfall´s conditions. The first - as it was indented, there were some parts you could slide down!! The second - as it was indented, there were many natural small lakes we could "swim" in! I was like in paradise and felt happy like a child. The environemtn was kinda like rainforest, no signs of human intervention (except of those boulder stairs). When I saw that place I remembered photos and videos from Amazonia in Brasil. It was just so specious, natural and calm, only the nature, water and us. Although the water was quite cold, I just had to swim there. I said to myself that I might not be in such a place ever again and it would be pity not to give a try! So we were swimming, going under waterfall (so powerfull!!). And while we were swimming, we felt somethings is bitting us! I got scared for a second, but then I´ve been told it´s just fishes that are eating our skin and that it´s healthy. Strange feeling, though.
But still sliding down the waterfall was the best of this day! Slide had around 7 metres and was made of stones. But they were so smooth! For sure I was worried a bit about some sharp spots, but Raizan showed me that there are not. You can see the result down!

My wish came true! I have been to Kuala Lumpur! Really beautiful and interesting place with many sightseesings worth visiting. Moreover, people are helpful and there are many tourists. So there is alwyas somebody you can reach and ask for help.
I am very glad to meet Raizan and Cathy! Thanks to them I had a possibility to see many hidden places and enjoy the great atmosphere of KL and Melaka.

Now it is the time to move on! Next stop is the capital city of Indonesia - Jakarta! And my Indonesian friend, who I met in South Korea, was already waiting for me! It was actually the first Korean reunion :)