Language Exchanges in Brno

After I kinda settled down in Brno for a while, I started to observe a feeling that I miss the international atmosphere, multiculture gatherings and its spirit. So I begun to be interested in how I can do something for it. Something that would be my in my leasure time, would bring more international people together, make fun to do for me and for them. 

Eevntually I came up with an idea to hold Language exchanges on regular basis. What does it actually mean? Well, there are many internationals here in Brno who´d like to practise not only the czech language, but also either to speak their mother language and also to learn/improve new ones. Of course, you might  say there are plenty of language schools and institues. Sure, but this meetings are completely for free and, most importantly, they are totally natural. You aren´t sitting in the class and learning grammar according to the textbook or whatever the lector brings for you. You simply come to this meeting, stick the flag(s) on your t-shirt referring to the language you wanna practise, mix with other people with the same flag(s). and start talking. English is always the base for everyone, though. Nobody checkes your mistakes, nobody points out your pronunciation. You are just freely communicating and destrying your shyness and fear of doing mistakes.

As for me, I am happy to hold these events for the people. It makes me feel good to see they´re having fun and improving their both language and social skills. Some people even came to me during the event and thanked me for the opportunity to naturally meet new people. Not only do they practise the languages, but also they might get their range of knowledge wider as they might have the same problems and go through the same issues and challenges. Simply put, they all have something in common and can only benefit from each other.