MELAKA, Malaysia


Thanks to Raizan I´ve seen pretty much in KL and it resulted in one day free. So I was looking for some place near KL to explore during one day as I was leaving Malaysia very next day. I asked my Malay friends, read some travel acrticles and came to conclusion that Port Dickson and Melaka are worth visiting. Melaka won as there was a direct connection between Melaka and KL and as I got good reference from Raizan´s couchsurfer who I also met. Melaka is small but very nice town and was inscribed as a UNESCO Worlds Heritage Site in 2008!

The way from KL to Melaka took around 2 hours. Thanks to Raizan I was never lost, because he lent me his SIM card with unlimited internet! So I found Melaka CC immidiately. Now I noticed why Melaka is among UNESCO objects. Its CC is just marvelous. Many quite small red-painted buidlings right next to each other, tiny square, paintings of the walls. I didnt basically feel like in Malaysia. It´s hard to describe the place, so I´ll follow one Chinese proverb - one picture is worth a thousands words.
After I explored the square I went up the hill to see St. Paul church. One Chinese girl, who was going my direction, looked at me and smiled. So I decided to wait for he on the hill. The churh was nice, ruins from historical church, but I was more curious about that Chinese girl. She climed up the hill and saw me being next to the church. I even did not have to start a conversation first, because she came to me and asked me for taking picture of her. Then we started to talk. And it was awesome! She was doing a trip alone too, so we both appreciated a each other´s company. We became very familiar and it resulted into spending the rest of that day together and even next day morning. She was really from China, and was travelling across Malaysia to Thailand and Maynmar (or Laos). Cool was that she could speak nice English and had a professional camera, so she was taking a high-resolutions pics for me. In hindsight Im so happy and lucky I could be with her, because I started to feel alone a bit as Raizan worked a whole day. I could share my feelings, ask about help, opinion, simply not to be alone. We discovered the whole Melaka, bought souvenirs, had nice lunch and dinners together, met the other travelleres. I even tried to play on historical buddhist musical instrument as Cathy could play on several ones. And very important was that she could speak Chinese, because Melaka was full of Chinese people and sellers....Thanks to Cathy I enjoyed Melaka the most and will always remember this place as a place with a rich history, an amazing architecture and travel atmosphere due to Cathy. I left Melaka next morning around noon and arrived to KLCC around 3. I had some time till Raizan picked me up, so I went to the biggest street market and bought some presents for my mom and myself.

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