Republic of MOLDOVA

The poorest and the least visited country in Europe! You might be asking yourself, why the hell did he go to Moldova? Well, I almost explained that...because it´s the least visited country in Europe!! I love visiting non-touristic places, different to what we are used to in Western Europe. Being in Paris, London, Barcelona or Rome is of course beautiful, but from time to time I want to experience something really unique! Places like Moldova or other countries located on Balkan Peninsula gives you a perfect getaway from everyday life in modern Europe and everything connected with that. It includes less developed infrastructure, amazing local food, different mindset of local people, mostly cheaper goods, less stresful life and, most importantly, it simply makes you think differently when travelling in these locations (i.e. planning).

Our first local meal - placinta

Botanic garden in Chisinau

Another traditional meal

Post-soviet piece of architecture

Trip to Tiraspol (only for 24h max)

Trip to Tiraspol
Transnistria- unrecognised breakaway state


My Moldovan friend, who I met in Brno bac in 2014


Orhei vechi

Criova - historical unerground wine-making facility

120 km of undeground tunnels

Room for special occasions and visitors

We met really nice people during our trip

Plastic (but official money) in Transnistria

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