My Travel Talks

Nowadays, increasingly more people want to, plan to or dream of travelling to South East Asia, on tropical islands or other holiday destinations. For those people would be very helpful to hear out the expriences, tips and useful information about whatever they might face when travelling. Moreover, these information would be even more appreciated, if they were told by someone, who have actually been to a certain place and experienced everything first hand.

So, as I have been travelling and have visited couple of exotic places (high-touristic as well as unique ones), I decided to hold the travel lectures (sessions, presentations), which are opened for the general public. 

The aim of these sessions is to share all my travel experiences, feelings, useful info and interesting facts about the destinations I´ve travelled through. Some people might travel to those destinations, so the given info may help or inspire them. Secondly, these travel presentations are also for those, who might never visit those places due to whatever obstacles in their life. So they can at least see ad experience is through these presentation.
Visitors can look forward to many photos and videos along with interesting stories and adventurous moments that have happened to me on the way. And of course, there is always a time for their questions!


 30 days across 7 Asian countries (24. January)
(Expediční klubovna Brno)

Přednáška v Expediční klubovně v Brně

5. February -  30 days across 7 Asian countries
(Café Práh)