Pristina, Kosovo

After Nis in Serbia we took a bus, crossed the border and were heading to the capital city of Kosovo! Just a note, Kosovo was the best country of this trip (Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia). This country has surprised us positively. Warm and kind people speaking good english, well-preserved historical buildings, no fear, tasty food, clean streets, parks, many shops, bars and restaurants! It also applied on the other city we visited in Kosovo - Prizren (amazing historical city - with no exaggaration, see below). This city is also listed on UNESCO World heritage list.

Crossing the border with Kosovo was not a problem at all. You might be asking why it should be an issue. Any you might know, Serbia and Kosovo are not big friends due to historical occurrences and connections and we read on the forums that sometimes people got issue with crossing the Serbian-Kosovo border. However, we encountered any problems.
Our host took us up near the bus station and showed us our aparment. It was large loft with a balcony and its view on the city.

Our first step was the church located just in front of our apartment. It was high church with an observation spot up its tower. No words needed. just take a look. Long story short - Pristina is really amazing place to visit!
You might see a strange-looking building on the first picture (just in the middle). It is a libriry, that is followed by controversies about the outside appearance of it. 
There was also a very old chuch just next to the library.

Streets full of people

Actually good one!

Military leftovers

Any demonstration, but Friday night for teenagers!


City listed on UNESCO World heritage list. One-day trip from Pristina, around 2,5 hours from the capital. Amazing city, narrow streets and, most importantly, the fortification with an incredible view on the whole city! Just the climbing up the hill was exhausting as the weather was >25 degrees.

Local again!

The last destination of this trip is Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia