Well, if this hasn´t happened to you, you are not a traveller :D We had a flight to Georgia booked over 2 months in advance. However, on the flight day, we got to know that our flight was canceled. What´s even more interesting, that got to know it just right at the airport. Well, most of you would perhaps turn around and head it back home.  But not us! We immediately booked a new flight to Sicily, rented a car and made a round trip within 10 days. We saw, thus, most of everything (beaches, nature, sightseeing, cities, night life, food tasting and much more! 

Shit happened


Tasting local specialities

Beach with the view of Etna

Tel me you´re a tourist without actually telling me

Agrigento Valle dei Templi

Agrigento Valle dei Templi

Stairs of Turks

Palermo streets

Chill at the harbour of Palermo


Beach of Naxos city



City of Messina

Historical amphitheatre in Taormina