Thailand! It was my 25th day of my trip. Meaning, my next destination, Thailand, was my last destination in Asia. To be honest, I had mixed feelings in that time. On one hand I was looking forward to meet my friend, who I met in South Korea, to meet her family, explore Thai countryside and have a great time in Bangkok. On the other hand I was getting tired by all that travelling and I started to miss my country, food, my friends, my mom and Euroepan weather! I also started to look at what I´ve managed so far, what I´ve seen and tried and that I am safe and healthy. Because you know, when you are on the way all the time, still in travelling-mode - always looking for sightseeing, place to sleep, place to eat, you care about your health and in general you simply gotta think about so many things, that you do not realize many important things. I can tell you in hindsight that just now (few months after this journey) I am able to feel and evaluate what I´ve done and managed. All that memories and unforgettable moments are coming alive again while I´m writing these arcticles and I realize all those precious moments, all the nice people I´ve met, incredible places I´ve visited.....But let´s stop that for now and let´s see how amazing was Thailand!

Enoying Pattaya´s beach with May - my friend, who I met in South Korea!

My stay in Thailand consisted of two parts. I spent the first half in Thai countryside near the city of Chanthaburi and the second half was covered by the visit of the capital of Thailand - Bangkok.


Thanks to my Thai classmate May, who I studied with in Korea, I could enjoy 5 days of Thai beauty without any thinking about accommodation, food, transportation, sightseeing etc. She provided me just everything and I am so thanful to her! I was accommodated in her family house in Chanthaburi along with her family, that I had an honor to meet and get along.
As you know, I landed at Bangkok airport few hours later then it had been planned, because of layover in Singapore. However, May and her family was very kind and came to pick me up during the night. Moreover, I had a possibility to taste my first Thai food two hours later! We stopped in Chanthaburi and had an amazing late-dinner around 3am. That was the first thing that surprised me - opening hours of local restaurants-almost non-stop. Have to admit that my eyes were half-closed and I was nearly sleeping. No wonder! I was on my feet since early morning that day, went through two flights, walked down the streets of Singapore. So after all the most I was looking forward to bed.

We slept till 11am next morning and started our day with hearty breakfest. Afterwards we took a typical Thai public transportation and went to CC, where we took a motorcycle taxi! That was a nice experience for me! Our goal was to reach a beach and the coast. Huge beach, quite poluted, though, was a right place for a morning walk with a fresh breeze to our backs. Alley was lined by street sellers offering various kinds of fish, fruits and handmade stuff. Our next stop after alley and beach was a shopping mall as we got hungry. The shopping mall was right next to May´s family company, where we spent some spare time, too, as May had to help with something. I was also invited to May´s family neighbours - May´s elementarty teacher - as they heard about my visit. They were very nice people and I was offered many things to eat and drink. Moreover, I got two presents, which I even took back to CZE (now it decorates our flat). But the most remarkable moment of the day was just about to come. May and her family members invited me for a Korean dinner. The restaurant was just like in Korea. We ordered my most favourite korean food - Samgyeopsal!! Guys, you can not imagine how I felt during that dinner. You know, I was living in Korea few months and experienced there something indescribable and samgyeopsal was kinda symbol of Korea for me. It´s not just a meal that is served on a plate. You get many bowls, flatware and other stuff and all the table is simply covered by all these things. And you cook it all by yourself and enjoy it. AND now I was in Thailand with my classmate who I met in Korea, eating Samgyeopsal, that I always ate in Korea and all those symbols just reminded me everything what I vividly experienced in Korea just few weeks ago!! And actually that was the first time I really missed South Korea!

Flight Singapore - Bangkok

Dinner at 3am

Motorcycle taxi!

In neighbourhood

Dinner in Korean restaurant


The next day was the best one from all those I spent in Thailand. We visited Elephant sanctuary right in the morning. That was actually my hidden dream to see and possibly get a ride on elephant. The sactuary surroundings was simply beathtaking. Palms and vast green fields as far as your eyes can see, fresh breeze, elephants, sand paths and 35 degrees. Luckily, there was not many tourist yet as it was morning so we did not have to wait for a ride. Although it´s Thailand, prices were set up higher because of tourists, but still affordable, moreover for such a experience. We bought (me and May got a ride together) a 20-minute-ride around the sanctuary. Amazing feeling to be on elephant and stroke him upon its hard skin. Frankly speaking, we were swaying from one side to another as we were slowly going, so we had to hold fast to stool that we were sitting on. The ride was unique for meas we could see how elephants live in sanctuary, having a bath etc. Really nice place. We took many pics afterwards and wanted to move on. But we suddently saw some guys with crocodiles on the table and stand with some food. When we came closer we could see it´s crocodile meet. Well, firstly I just tried to touch the crocodile and stroke him a bit and did not think of trying to taste its meat. But after a while I could not resist a temptation and a bought  a piece. It was tasty, kinda something between chicken and pork. Although a crocodile was tasty, it was not enough for lunch, so we stopped by some restaurant. My big expectation was fulfilled right after. We drove to Pattaya coast, bought a ticket on motorboat and....well....then I experienced an amazing cruise along Pattaya shore and its green and beautiful islands, tens of small colourful boats. Our destination was quite big island around 30 minut far from coast and we had 3 hours to enjoy that beauty!! I won´t describe the place and my feelings when swimming around that scenic island, ´cause it´s undescribable by words. Better view all those picturesque photos instead :)


Last two days were spent in the capital. I would describe Bangkok by many words and expressions. But what stucked in my mind and what Im gonna always connect with Bangkok was big streets with thousands of people and tourists, humid and hot weather all the time, amazing architecture, unbelievable traffic jams (!!!), streed food, chaos, and the possibility to buy almost everything! I have to admit one thing. Although Bangkok is an amazing city and I wish I could´ve spent there more time, I was kinda half-person there. My one part was still travelling in Bangkok and fully enjoying the last moments of my 30-day-trip across 7 countries as well as finishing my whole stay in Asia (studying in South Korea). But the second part of my mind was already back in my country, with my family, eating czech food, neverending sleeping and taking rest from travelling. So I was kinda looking forward to airport and take off. I won´t lie. I was really tired, exhausted and couldn´t even absorb all those beautiful scenes and experiences of Bangkok. Somehow my brain and my mind could feel it´s going to an and. And when I just remembered what I went through during those 30 days, what I overcame, saw and experienced, I was really happy and kinda proud of myself. Nevertheless, I knew I may never visit Bangkok again so I tried to see as much as possible. Right in the morning we went to king´s palace and its surroundings, to buddha temples, museum, gallery, river, squares, street markets (awesome to hear all that rush and noises of Bangkok cuty centre streets and see street sellers, food, all kinds of "services", animals,...).....Let´s enjoy the last moments in Bangkok! 

Inside the typical public tranposrtation

Feet massage

Czech shoes brand in Bangkok!!

Europe, finally!!


So, that was my 30-day-journey. More then 30 hours spent in aircrafts, visited 7 countries, met hundreds of great people, swam on beautiful beaches near untouched tropical islands, ate delicious food, had a good time in the biggest cities, experienced fear, happiness, exhaustion and limitless energy, I was lost and found at the same time! I may have spent some money, but nothing will ever replace memories and experience from this trip! This trip will last forever.

You might want to see more videos or pics, not only from Asia, but from my other trips. Feel free to visit my YT channel or my Instagram

See you next time :) 

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