STOCKHOLM, Sweden -Youth Exchange

As I really liked my first youth project in Iasi, Romania, I used an opportunity to take part in another one in Sweden. This time, the main topic was "Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development".
Objectives were to foster an entrepreneurship mindset and developing entrepreneurial competences in young people. NextlyRaising awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship skills and increasing understanding of different European structures of business and how they can be used to tackle common problems faced across Europe.

The best on these projects are the people. Then it does not matter that much where you are or that the topic is. If you are surrounded by ambitious, like-minded and easygoing young people, then the atpmosphere is just great and you enjoy every single moment. It has always happened that we became so friendly, cooperative and easygoing to each other, that it was not easy to say good buy to each other.
Within this non-formal education many interesting techniques are used during the project. We were playing ice-braking games at the beginning followed by group discussions, brainstorming, group projects, presentations, lectures by trained project leader. Many breaks and pauses were set up in order to relax, get to know each other more and for example to also enjoy surroundings (Swedish nature is amazing!). It is very common, that organisers prepare some trip to the capital or other destination and organise an International evening, where each of participating countries prepare short presentation about their country along with traditional food, drinks, sweets, dances and other habbits and interesting facts.